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Milestone product line: Refreshingly different.

Bones focusses on the development and production of products for people with visual impairment and deaf-blindness.
Our Milestone line of audio players for the blind and visually impaired play audio books and music, record lectures and messages, read text files and eBooks, enable you to label objects and much more. Soon, our products also talk to public transportation vehicles – see PAVIP. There are many reasons for owning a Milestone: The strongest arguments are its outstandingly handy shape and its unbeatable performance in ease of operation, long time play and audio quality.
Ten thousands of people use their Milestone daily, be it for entertainment, education, to cope with many daily demands, or just for fun.
Learn more about our Milestone products and click on the link for "„Milestone 112“, „Milestone 212“ or „Milestone 312“. Or, click on the link for „Helen“ to read about our product for deaf-blind users.

We develop and produce in Switzerland, but sell all over the world – see Sales.